Study Abroad Series: The Big Question

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There's always that one big question that comes up in the beginning, before applying to study abroad. And that's why? Why should you study abroad,it's going to cost a lot of money. You're going to be away from, home for more than one week. So why should you, or anyone else look into it? Here's why. 

1. Living in a foreign country is different than a holiday. You're living, chatting, and going to shops just like the locals do. Instead of sitting around being 100% touristy. 

2.Make lifelong friends. Being away from home is scary, but you'll also be with 100 other students who are all in the same boat as you. And they'll become you're best friends for four months. 

3.Gain Independence. You will be able to proudly walk through the airports of the future without being overly anxious about whether or not you're in the right terminal. 
I got this

4.Learn more about yourself. Everyone that has studied abroad has told me that they have learned so much about themselves while being in another country than being at home, in their comfy duvets. 

5.An unforgettable experience. One that you can tell your family and friends over and over (and become so annoying they'll probably want you to go back). 
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6. Exploring more. You're not limited to staying in just one country, for me, I'm able to fly to different countries like Ireland, Spain and Italy on weekend trips while I'm over in England! 

7. Future employment. You lived for an extended amount of time in another country by yourself, and that will look really impressive to those who may want to hire you in the future!
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8. Experience another culture. I'm going to England, and while the US and Britain both speak English, the way we live is completely different and I cannot wait to see how things are done over there!

9. Bucket List. You can cross so many things off of your bucket list. 

10. You'll learn to appreciate the little things. Like peanut butter. Apparently that's not a thing in England. 
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If you have any questions about studying abroad, or ideas for posts let me know in the comments or send me an email! I look forward to hearing from you! I hope you're all having a great November, it's nearly Christmas :) 

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  1. I'm SO happy for you since I know this has been a dream of yours for a very long time. Spread your wings & fly, I'm SO proud of you!!! xoxoxo

  2. Fantastic post, I studied abroad and it was the best thing i've ever done!!!

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. Peanut butter is still a thing here - don't worry :) Good on you for studying abroad! I am sure you will love it! Americans do tend to find us a bit moany though, so be warned lol - I'm up in Scotland - I must say our scenery is nicer if you fancy a visit (plus we have a huge castle)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. I will be visiting Scotland for sure, it's only a quick train ride from where I am studying! :)

  4. Such a great post! I'm so happy that you get to go to England! (And many other places) It'll be so much fun!
    Anna ||

    1. Excited to share the journey and meet you in Barcelona :) x


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