A Minty Experience

11:30:00 AM

  I've always had one or two favorite restaurants that sit in my mind and I love going to them, I'm sure you're the same way. I also love places that make you feel as if you've gone back in time. I also love finding places like this close to home, it's like a little suprise! 
 There's a restaurant in my town called The Mint, I've always heard about it and never tried it until last year. Immediately I fell in love with the food and the atmosphere. 
Set among the old buildings downtown, and across from the park, or 400 block, is The Mint. It doesn't have anything exciting on the outside, but when you go in it's like taking a step back in time.The ceiling is the coolest part! I apologize for not taking a picture of it so you'll just have to take my word for it. The front of the cafe is something I picture kids from the 50's pulling up a seat to the bar and asking for a milkshake.  Obviously it's been around for awhile and they haven't tried to change the place which makes it so cute and lovely. Some people from tv have also been for a visit like the guys from American Pickers, which I think is really cool because I love the show! Somewhere hanging up on the wall is a menu they have signed.There's also pictures of what the downtown area used to look like, and also a menu of what the prices use to be like like .65 cents for milk? The waiters and waitresses are really nice, even the people that eat there are really nice as well! Once a lady came up to me and some friends and told us how neat she thought it was that we were making it a tradition to go there whenever we all were in town from college and told us her son did the same thing with his friends when he comes to town. 

  I love their grilled cheese, with either cottage cheese or potato salad as a side.. I haven't really tried different things on the menu and I'm not really sure why? I like trying different foods, but I'm told they're all delicious! I also get their raspberry iced tea. It's just a great combination. You can see the menu here if you're ever planning a trip (  http://www.mintcafewausau.com/ ) 
 I don't go to The Mint a lot but when I do it's perfect and probably one of my favorite places to eat in town since I try not to do fast food places. After going this time, the ice sculptures were still up and without the caution tape that keeps kids away, so I obviously had to take a few more pictures! 



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