Winter Favorites

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 Since Winter is almost over (hopefully) I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that I've been loving!

  First, is this owl mug. I love drinking tea or apple cider especially when it's below zero and I'm obsessed with owls! It's a happy combination for the not-so-happy weather! 
Second, is this gold nail polish by Maurices and a sparkly over-coat called "Holiday Rebel" from Target. I used these two colors for the holiday season because they made me feel more christmassy! 
This also makes me really want Tanya Burr's new nail polish I really need to try it! If you have it what color is your favorite?? 
This is Big Ben. It's also a pencil sharpener but I don't want to make it dirty so I like to have it on my desk. Since my goal is to get to London and see this (and many other things) in real life! It's a nice little reminder that I can get there! ..hopefully sooner than later. 

Okay now for clothes and accessories! This is my scarf bin. I have a lot, and I've gotten a lot of them for presents so I'm not really sure where all of them have come from!  
The scarves below are all my infinity scarves, I love these for the winter especially when it gets really cold! I usually grab the red one because it matches a lot of the shirts I have and the others I usually wear with a plain colored shirt! 

Aside from the infinity scarves I also wear these regular scarves! The one in the middle is the biggest as it's bunched up, it's from H&M one of my favorite stores! 

Some of my favorite necklaces are my animal necklaces! These first three are owls! 
This one was given to me by my Great Aunt and I love it! I wear it a lot! 

This is the newest of my collection, I love wearing him because he has a little clock inside! I haven't set it yet though (That's why there's an orange tag at the side) 

And this one I wear the most, if I need some good luck I like to have this one on me!

These are my only elephant necklaces but I like how they're both unique! 
This last one is my ultimate favorite. I got it in Greece when I went in 2012. They called it the 'Eye of Medusa' and it means good luck! And since I like good luck I like to wear it a lot! 
Now for everyone's favorite, my favorite shirts!
Since my college is really cold inside I love wearing sweaters!

This one is from Old Navy. It's really nice and warm and I love foxes it's so cute! 

 This one is amazing I literally cannot tell you how much I adore it! I wear it with the scarf or I can wear it plain! It's by JawBreaking ( It's made in America and the material is SO soft. It makes me wish it was socially acceptable to wear something 7 days a week. 

This pink one is also really pretty! It's got stripes on the back and a nice design on the sleeve. My favorite color is pink so you might find out my closet is 80% pink. 

On the left, is a really warm blue-ish/green color that i've recently been obsessed with. And the one on the right is just a simple stripe top which I really like for lounge wear and I do wear it a lot. I believe both of these are from Target, I'm 95% sure since I shop there quite a bit. 
Annnnnnd last but never least, my favorite any season is my dog (see I told you I take a lot of pictures of her but really how could I not?!) 

Please leave a comment if you want to see anything else! :) I hope you guys like reading these as much as I like writing them! 


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