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It's been so cold lately that there hasn't really been much to do and I sometimes feel like it's a nice break to have something happening in town.
  This weekend, was Winter Fest, I went last year just for a little bit and got some amazing mittens.
    It was a nice break from sitting inside by the fireplace.

                   They had amazing ice sculptures which were really cool! How can someone carve something so carefully out of ice? 

This face one looked amazing when I walked by and the light reflected all of the parts of it. 

There were also horse drawn carriages! Which I didn't take but they looked like fun! 
After wandering for awhile, I had to go into my favorite sweets shop and grab some of my favorite lolly pops! Since I don't get downtown often, it was the perfect opportunity. 

They have an amazing assortment of candies, from little peanut butter cups to licorice bites, they also serve ice cream in the summer.  

Since it's almost Valentine's Day they have cute little "Love Bugs". They make different kinds for different holidays too. 

I love being downtown because of the old buildings, definitely  makes me think of a little British town somewhere. 

The weather was great,  I'm so glad the sun was out long enough to keep everything not as cold! Even though I could have done without the cold wind! 

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