Puppy Cuddles

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Did you know that a dog is the only animal on earth that loves you more than it loves itself?

If you're a dog lover like I am, then you know the happy feeling you get when you come home after a day away, or maybe even a few hours, to your loving pet. 
   I love coming home to my dog. She's a Shih Tzu and her name is Sadie. She was born in May 2001, and we welcomed her into our lives in July 2001!  (One time I wished on a star when I was little and I wished for a puppy and ta-da!) I could tell you a million funny things she's done, maybe that's for another post ;) 
           She'll be 13 in May, and she loves sleeping. She does take awhile to warm up to certain people. I believe that she can sense whether you're good enough or not. 

She's also quite photogenic. See? 
She was an awful listener as a puppy but now she's pretty good..sometimes. She liked to do the whole let's see if you can catch me thing. 
She loves her green rabbit toy, if you tell her to get her baby then she'll know that's the one. She licks it and protects it like a child and occasionally, it'll be used as a pillow! She really can't go anywhere without it. 
We both love going out for walks mostly in the spring(after the snow melts), summer and fall. And I'm happy to have her with me as I check out the scenery. Though sometimes she does like to stop in the middle of the road and just look at you. 

She's a complete lap dog and it doesn't even matter whether or not you're comfortable as long as she's comfy that's what's important, she'll look up at you with those big brown eyes just begging to be petted. She also now knows where we keep her soft food and sits in front of the refrigerator when she wants some. And if you don't give her any because she's had some the day before she'll probably sulk away, which she also knows that I'll fall for it and give her some in the end. 
Everyday after class, I come home, eat lunch and she quickly jumps onto the chair with me and takes a nap, or lazily waits on the couch slowly wagging her tail until I come and pet her then get lunch ready and sit down. Cuddling with Sadie makes my day brighter, even though sometimes she growls because it's as if she's saying "ugh why do keep petting me I just want to sleep". She also sticks her tongue out a little when she sleeps SO cute! 

She doesn't really mind getting her picture taken, as long as their isn't a flash! 
I love going on little adventures with her, and I can't wait for our next one when the snow melts or it warms up enough to be outside longer than an hour. 

Someone on my facebook also posted this article  http://www.dogheirs.com/dogsarefamily/posts/5106-20-essential-facts-dog-lovers-must-always-remember-the-last-one-comes-with-a-tissue-alert which definitely made me tear up and want to go squish my dog. 


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