Adventures in Winter

6:21:00 PM

  A few weekends ago I spent my Saturday night snowshoeing. I haven't been snowshoeing in a really long time but I was excited! My mom, stepdad and I all piled into our car and headed to the mountain. It was just about sunset and the scenery was amazing.

Since starting my first year at college, I've begun to spend more time looking around at things and enjoying the day much more. Being stuck in a brick building all day long during 9-12th grade was not fun.
We parked at almost the top of the hill, and had to make our way snowshoe-less to the main point where you start the hike, that was probably the most difficult part. The path we went on was lit with little candles, as it was called the Candle Light walk, they looked so pretty in the dark! Though, some of the candles did throw us through a few loops, they weren't always placed in easy to see spots or led you to a dead end. 
I was really glad it wasn't too cold like it's been lately and I tried to take as many pictures as possible without my fingers freezing!

It was a really nice way to spend a few hours! I also had to take a shot looking over the city since I never get to go up there at night and I thought it was just amazing.
And since I have more free time in between school and homework I can't wait to explore and see new things even more.

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