Reliving NYC

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This past summer I was lucky enough to go on a trip for my graduation present. I could choose any place in the states, and I chose to visit New York City. I hadn't been there for 5 years and I loved it! So I thought why not go back! And as of now I'm looking for another opportunity to go back but that might be another 5 years ha.

While I was in New York, I made some pretty nice friends! One of them recommended a restaurant one night and I  had no idea how obsessed I would become with an appetizer. 
 At Hurley's in NYC, right off of Times Square (you can check out their menu and address here: (, they have these delectable Irish Cheese Fries! I'm not normally someone who chooses fries with a meal but there was bacon and cheese on top, and I like trying new foods anyway so I gave them a chance!  They also give you the choice to dip the fries in gravy! What?! I know sounds weird right? But trust me you'd be very surprised at how fantastic they taste! The place is set up to look somewhat in a different era almost, it had a really classy feel and it wasn't too pricey either!
 We don't have anything like them in Wisconsin so as soon as I got home I started missing them terribly! 
  So, recently I difficult could it be to remake them? Not very. 
  I looked on Hurley's menu online and saw the ingredients, cheddar jack cheese,bacon,scallions and of course fries! I didn't use any scallions on the fries I made but if you do I'm sure it'll taste great! They didn't have a recipe but I also compared a few of the recipes from
I also used turkey gravy because I wasn't too sure which one would taste the best with them, so I encourage you to experiment a bit! 
The next step was baking the french fries, preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and put the fries on a pan and bake for about 20 minutes. Then, spread the cheese( I used Mild Cheddar) over the fries, you can use as much as you want and then top it with the bacon bits, again using as much as you want! Put the pan back into the oven under broil. 
   While that's going, warm up the gravy in a bowl in the microwave. I put it in for about 2 minutes. 
 Then pull the fries out of the oven and the gravy from the microwave. Sit down and Enjoy! 

 You might also enjoy these with any other dressing, such as ranch too! 
They were excellent, and I'm so glad I tried the recipe! 
I can't wait to make some more! :) 

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