The Good Bad and Ugly Winter

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Lately, I've been feeling as if this year’s winter won’t have an end. I want to go out and do things like wander the town or just enjoy a sit on the porch in the nice warm sun. Sadly, that rarely happens. I have moments where the walk from my car to my university is just pure torture. I have this theory that they refuse to salt or put sand on the sidewalk. I haven’t seen any since probably last semester. What’s up with that? Do they want me to break a bone? If they have salted it was two months ago. We've gotten some more snow since them. Basically I risk my life trying to go to class every day.  Another gross thing about winter are the moments when the wind is so unbearably cold you can just imagine pieces of your skin turning blue, and the air is so cold you can feel it swirling into your lungs with a harsh sting every time you breathe.  No, I’m not exaggerating it actually hurts! The sun, as nice as it is to feel, is not as nice when the snow is on the ground because it makes everything ten times brighter than it usually is! I feel almost blinded some days on my way to and from class. I've also recently been re-obsessed with oxfords and now I really do wish winter would come to a quick end so I can whip them out again!
(The extremely icy walk-way I have to endure). Also I would like to point out I have actually almost slipped and fell on my bum while walking on this path. 

  Although, there are some gross and disgusting things about the winter season I do enjoy a few things. Besides sweaters and scarves, winter also brings along some beauty, which I try to focus more on than the bitter cold. The snow is absolutely stunning when it sparkles, and when it gets to be above 15 it’s actually okay and sometimes, dare I say it, nice? (Remind me I said this in the summer time). Really it can be! A few days ago, Sadie and I got to go on our favorite trail, the one that’s above the river. There was not any wind and the sun was out thankfully. Usually the city puts salt on the ground at my mom’s house in the country but they sand the road near my dad’s in town. This being said, Sadie walks much better on the sanded road than the salted one as it doesn't hurt her paws as much. We walked to our spot, seeing that the snow banks have grown tremendously. I decided to pick her up and climb over the snow bank onto the trail. There wasn't much of a trail and I wasn't too surprised as I don’t think many people walk it. I liked this walk since Sadie didn't really need to have her leash held onto and the snow was too high she couldn't really get down in the trees. She did have fun sniffing and doing what dogs do as we walked along the trail. I took some pictures of it, below. 

Notice how warm and sparkly it looks!

She did have to lift her paws to say "these are cold help me" (she isn't doing it in the picture above I was taking pictures of her running towards me) and I had to warm them with my gloves for just a few seconds but she enjoyed the walk. I was happy to find that someone had realized people still use the trail in the winter and had carved out some snow-steps for easy access to the road. Whoever you are, thank you! 

The coolest part of the walk is seeing how amazing the lake looks with the mountain in the background. I do also like how the wind (when I can’t feel it) brushes just a bit of snow from the trees limbs. A few days later, we returned to this trail only to find that there was no way over the snow bank this time as it was too tall and I didn't wear snow pants and I wasn't wearing gloves at the time either. 

  It’s really pretty after it snows when it makes the trees look gray and after a while it just looks like a picture. 

I would also like to add that I do enjoy taking pictures of wintry things, if only I could do them inside a nice heated bubble or something like that. Here are a few more I've taken this winter so far! 

             I do wish winter would hurry up and finish, I like looking at it and all but I'm more of a summer person and I can feel my skin itching to be warmed by some sunshine!

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