Sunset Walk

2:00:00 PM

I would just like to start off by pointing out that we have had the weirdest start to Spring. First it's really nice and sunny and you want to be outside and then two days later it's still sunny but cold and you'd rather curl up in your comfiest blanket and drink tea or something.   The other day Sadie was feeling a bit lazy and didn't act like she wanted to go outside or go for a walk. So I didn't pester her as I didn't really want to because it wasn't as warm as it was the past few days. After dinner, while my parents were getting ready to go for a walk, suddenly Sadie was all excited and wanted to go along too. 
 Since I don't mind her being poky I had to be the one to take her. It was a really pretty sunset. I have a thing for sunsets, I think they're amazing and I love how they make the sky look all sorts of amazing colors! If you follow me on Instagram you'd probably know this because I've posted a few pictures I've taken of them! 

How beautiful is that? 
The sky was so clear it made for the perfect pictures and walk.
Seeing the moon is pretty cool too, and how the sun reflects on the houses. 
I've always tried to capture the moon, and I think this is probably my favorite picture. The sky is such a pretty color, reminds me of the water in Greece. 
I also shot this shadow picture while we were walking. 
It was a really nice night, and by the end Sadie had had enough of the cold and wanted to get back into the car quickly to get home. 


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