First Spring Adventure

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This past weekend there was a drastic change in weather here in Wisconsin. It was sunny, and it was warm. Not like 20 degrees, it was actually nice where as I did not have to wear any big warm mittens or hats or extra layers. I could just go out with my jacket and a pair of gloves.  
 Since there was such amazing weather out, I decided to take advantage of it and get outside. I of course, took Sadie with me. The roads by my house are full of water and slush, and looked like a mess to even attempt to walk on. For some reason though, the roads that are less than three minutes away are dry as bone and lovely to walk on. Sadie and I hopped into the car and drove off. She was extremely excited to get out and walk. Recently, she has been in love with going to the dog park and was disappointed that we couldn't go in today because there were other dogs and children inside. I told you she was crabby, therefore she doesn't do well with toddlers grabbing and petting her. It was such a lovely day though, so we continued on our walk. Weather like is a great reminder that winter does have an end, just as I was beginning to think it never would! 
  The streets had a few puddles here and there. Sadie being the princess she is, walked around the puddles in an attempt to keep her little paws from getting wet. Even though, there were a few puddles there were some slushy spots she did have to walk on.

I didn't mind the slushy snow, as I was just so happy to have the sun out and the air warm. 

 I didn't really remember how much snow we had gotten until we had reached the park for kids, not dogs.  There was a trail where some people had walked. Sadie hasn't really ever been to the park before, at least not by the play area, so she was happy to have a sniff around. 
She wasn't too sure about climbing on the structure past the steps, so she quickly made her way down again. I'm starting to think she's getting used to me taking so many pictures of her doing things. 
After sniffing around, she realized that there was more of a trail passed the swings and that it lead to the dog park (where she really REALLY wanted to go). Unfortunately, we couldn't go on the trail because she's light and can travel well on the snow, while I kept sinking into the snow. Turning back, that snow trail was much more packed down and easy to walk on! Sadie seemed disappointed she couldn't go the way she wanted. 
I actually knelt down to take this picture in case you're wondering how far I sunk into the snow. It was only half way up to my knees! 
We continued on our way, back to the car and back home. 
We have recently gone back to the dog park during the week, when there weren't any other dogs or children wandering around. 
She's so spoiled.
I hope the weather continues to stay like this until Summer, which still cannot come fast enough! 

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