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I was going to do the whole "About Me" page but I thought I would just make it a whole blog post instead! So let's get started shall we? 
 I'm Kenzie, I'm from the States, Wisconsin to be exact. I kind of like it here except when the weather is way to cold to go outside! 

 1.) I used to write stories all of the time. Just about random things, I would love the characters and I really loved how I wouldn't even know the ending until I wrote it. I got really into it until school came along and soaked all of the creativity right out of me. I think I'm going to make a bigger effort to start writing again this summer, and maybe I'll even post a short story on here! Let me know what you think!
 2.) I love animals. I really do. All except spiders, I mean they're nice from behind a glass window but I can do without seeing them. I also dislike baboons now, thanks to a previous trip to a zoo. I'm obsessed with owls currently, and animals in tophats. 
  I did just purchase these two owls at Gordman's a few weeks ago! Aren't they cute! Owls make me so happy(don't worry I still love dogs especially Sadie but owls just idk)

3.) I love traveling. I don't really think ''love'' is an accurate description of it. Ever since I was young I have been traveling. My goal is to go to all 50 states in the US, right now I have 33 out of 50! I'm in love with the U.K even though I've never been there. It's always been somewhere I feel like I have to go and it's impossible to describe why or how but I just have to be there. 
4.) I love getting to know people from all over the world. I think that's one of the coolest things about the internet! I mean I love that people can read these words I'm typing from places that I've never been to before! 
 5.) Along with getting to know people and making friends, I'm really shy. But after awhile I'll warm up and become more comfortable!
6.) I can't stop listening to One Direction's Better Than Words at the moment. It's my favorite song off their new album. 
7.) I can't shop at one place for very long. I like shopping don't get me wrong but the standing and waiting for someone to be thanks. 
8.) I actually really don't like to party. I know that seems so weird because I'm in college but I just don't like it but I'll still go. 
9.) I dislike mushrooms. A lot. 
10.) I prefer driving to flying places. It's much more fun to see more things that flying just skips over. 

  I hope you liked this post! I know it's a bit more personal but I hope it helps you get to know who I am a little better! I'd like to know 10 things about yourself too! Also if you have a blog link it to me! I would love to read it! :) x


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