Nail Inspiration Anyone?

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Ever since I could paint my own nails I have. I used to have my nails painted all of the time and I would create so many cool designs!
Sometimes I do go through a few weeks without wearing anything except clear coat, but every now and then I do get creative and decide to put on some colors I haven't worn in awhile! I have a big collection, and sometimes it's hard to remember what I have or haven't worn after awhile! 
 Over time I've gathered quite the collection of nail polish colors, some I wear more than others. Some of them are also colors that I would wear depending on what season it was. Others are also used for decorating my nails.  

The first color I've recently just tried is this green color by Essie. I don't really remember wearing it before so I thought I would give it a try! 
It's a really pretty green and reminded me of Spring and March. It's called The More the Merrier and you can get it online here! The great thing about Essie that I've found is that their nail polishes tend to stay on for a nice amount of time! Unfortunately for me, I still pick at my nails. But a bit less when I wear nail polish!  

The second nail coat I tried was doing a pink background with white dots. Pretty easy I know, but I have't really done any designs for the longest time so I thought I would start with something simple!
I used Julep's Carrie nail polish for the first coat. It gives such a light pink color I love it! I then used the Art Club White color for the dots. Doing my nails this way made me think of Spring like the above Green color did! I really like the pink color, as April is right around the corner it's perfect! It might be one of my favorite pink's that I have so far!

I hope this gives you inspiration for your own Nail Art! I'll probably be doing more of these when I get more time on my hands or when I'm just looking for something new to do! 
Thanks for reading! 

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