An Icy Adventure~Part Two

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Remember my last post when I said after the Ice Caves, we went onto the second part of the adventure? 
Well I'm going to tell you what that second part was!

After the Ice Caves, the three of us drove a few miles away to the town of Bayfield. Bayfield is a small town on a steep hill, right on Lake Superior. A few miles from the shore is Madeline Island, one of the Apostle Islands. In the Summer there is a ferry that goes to and from the island and when I came up to Bayfield a few years ago I took the ferry. There really isn't much on the island, but it is fun to go to. I had never gone in the winter so I was really excited to! Wait...what's that you ask? How did I get to Madeline Island in the winter?

Isn't there water?
Yes, yes there is, but it's frozen!
In the winter, they plow an Ice Highway right across the river straing to the island. We just went right down to where the ferry takes off and drove on the ice. It was a little weird to be driving on the ice and even a little freaky that there were so many cracks in it. The Madeline Island Ice Highway, is actually an extensions of Wisconsin County Highway H according to the Bayflied Chamber of Commerce website and all normal traffic rules apply to the ice highway including staying on the marked roadway. The ice is monitored several times a day while the road is open and is also marked with green evergreen trees so drivers can follow the route, which at times can provide difficult visibility due to blowing snow. 
We drove across the lake right to the island and turned right around but I still managed to get some pictures. They do have a few activities that they do on the Ice Highway, although none were happening when we went through. 
  It was a really cool adventure, and I'm glad I had the chance to do it! If you ever go, there are places to park along the road to take pictures if you like but I don't think any of us were willing to get out of the car and into the cold air again after being out at the caves for about two hours! 

You can see how wide the highway is, along with Bayfield in the background look at those cracks!

After driving on the highway, we had to drive through the town to continue on our way home, as we went through the town I noticed some old buildings and the massive snow piles the houses have in front of them! I like old buildings, and it's fun to think about all of the people who have ever walked by that building just like you just have but many years ago. 
A town a few miles from Bayfield, called Ashland, has old buildings too and they also have big murals painted on the sides of their buildings! It's really cool!
This building above is in Bayfield, the building below is in Ashland with an amazing mural on it!

We then drove the 3 and a half hours back home, happily reuniting with Sadie who promptly showed she missed me by laying on my chest.
I'm really glad I had the chance to go up north to Bayfield and Ashland. Who knows if the Ice Caves will be open next Winter? Though, personally, I wouldn't go every single year but hey if that's your kind of thing go for it! 

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