An Icy Adventure~Ice Caves

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If you pay attention to the news, which, I hope you do...then you may know about the Lake Superior Ice Caves that is, if you live in the states.
My mom, step-dad and I had planned this trip for last weekend and unfortunately had to postpone it because a fierce winter storm came crashing through Wisconsin. The storm made roads incredibly bad and the caves had to close.
 I was really excited that they reopened and we were able to go Saturday. The day started off with an early start. Usually I sleep in on Saturdays but not this time. I had some breakfast, a cinnamon-raisin English muffin with cinnamon sugar on top thanks for asking. I was excited to wear my jawbreaking “Veni Vidi Vici” sweatshirt as featured in this blog post here I had set it aside specifically for this trip! Wearing our warm clothing we packed up the car and headed out on the 3 hour and a half drive up north.
 The Ice-Caves are located in Bayfield Wisconsin. I have never been to Bayfield in the winter but I was there in the summer when I was younger. The ride up wasn't terrible, though the road still proved to be icy in some spots. Once we got there, we saw a long line of cars on the side of the road, obviously it was busy that day. We did luck out on a parking spot that wasn't too far away. We ate our lunches in the car before heading out. We quickly pulled on our warmest clothing, snow pants, hats, mittens, and neck-warmers. 
As we started walking down the road I was really excited to see the ice caves as everyone has been talking about them. This year is a perfect time to go because it’s the longest they've been open, usually they’re only open for a week or two because the ice isn't as thick for as long.
 It’s about a three mile trek to the ice caves once you go down to where the beach is. It is sort of weird to be walking on a beach covered with ice and snow. There's a long line of people coming and going. 

Once we got to the caves they were so pretty! The sun was out and the wind wasn't terrible which made for some perfect picture taking opportunities. There were people of all ages there, even a few dogs. The red rock made the ice stand out and was really gorgeous against the blue sky. Every once in a while I thought “I’m standing on a Great Lake...that’s weird.”

Looking up at the icicles was really neat too, as I kept forgetting there were some above me!  

The three of us climbed into a nook in the rocks and saw how thick the ice was. It was glassy, and just really amazing. I even climbed into one for a picture!

This lead to a few really neat look-out pictures as well! Being in my little nook away from the cold, I took the chance to take some selfies and a few other pictures looking out. 

 Some of the ice looked like waterfalls and hung like chandeliers over the bottom. I even found one that still had water running down it and if I stood still I could hear it. That was pretty neat. Some of the ice was a really neat blue color too! 

There were some really amazing views of the ice as we went along. 

 After about two hours, it was getting hard to hold my phone for pictures as the wind was frigid and my hand may have been turning red. Coming back, proved to be worse than going to as we suspected. It was much windier around certain corners. We made it back to the car, even though it was windy and made us cold, we came back warmer than we were when we went out. All in all, the Ice-Caves blew away expectations and it was a really great day! After finishing up at the Ice Caves, we made our way to the second part of the adventure... 


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