5 Products I can't live without

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This was a really difficult choice to make. I have so many products that I use for everything! Some of these were a quick and easy pick and others weren't. 
 I've seen some of my favorite bloggers do this same post, so I thought I'd give it a try!

My first product is the Olay complete all day moisturizer with sunscreen (spf15).
I really like this as a face lotion and I use it every morning and every night. I have really dry skin, especially in the wintertime and this just makes my skin so smooth! 

My second product is Carmex. The one in the picture is Pomegranate, but I have two of the regular kind also. It's easy to just put it in your purse for a night out or during the day. I really love it and I've been using Carmex for a really really long time! 

My third product is the Cover Girl clean sensitive skin foundation. This is something new that I've just bought, as I was using a different type but I really like this one. I really like Cover Girl in general.
Keeping to the CoverGirl theme is the concealer fresh complexion. Again, I've always used cover girl. Sometimes when I have a good face day I just use concealer and don't but any cover up on. Both the concealer and the foundation feel so light weight and not heavy on my skin, which is really nice!
The last product is the LashBlast Luxe, also by covergirl. I've been using a lot of non-water proof mascara lately and I'm really starting to like it. Though I do have water proof and I wear that if I go out some where if I need to dress up a little more. 

These were just the top 5 things I use the most. Do you have a top 5 products you would never go without? I would love to know what yours would be! 
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I hope you all have a great day! 

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